Tuesday, November 13, 2007


As I turned to look at the huge wall of water coming at me, it looked surreal for a moment. It was as if I was rooted in a moment of time that was enthralled by the vista that was before me. Then that brief moment was broken and I realized that if I did not run fast, I would be forever engulfed in that frightening wall of water.

I shouted to Samantha at the top of my voice to run for her life. And run she did!!! This was miracle 6. Most people would have been paralyzed by fear at the sight of the huge wall of water bearing down on us. But she only hesitated for a moment.

Then I too started running but because of the loose pebbles, I slipped and saw my slipper coming off. As I turned to retrieve it, the first waves hit me and I was pushed to the side. If I had been pushed to the middle of the river, I would have lost my life. I was that close to dying. Before the main wall of water hit, I got up and ran again, praying to God to spare my life and also Samantha's.

Just as I reached higher ground, the main wall of water hit the entire bank of the river and it was engulfed in a swirling, raging torrent of huge white water waves. The rest of the campers had heard that terrifying sound of rushing waters and were just in time to watch the river’s maddening free-flowing rush into the fast approaching darkness. It was a terrifying sight and one that will be etched in my mind forever. The whole spectacle lasted for half an hour and it was a few hours later that the river returned to its normal pristine self without a trace of the overwhelming turbulence that had taken place.

I went down later to the river and sat for a long time recalling what had happened and in those few brief moments realize how precious life had been. I reviewed my own relationship with God and thanked him for giving me a new lease of life - a life that I must now dedicate to helping others who have need of my assistance. My heart was filled to overflowing with a gratitude that comes from knowing that we have a God who is benevolent in every sense of the word. To know and to sense his love is a privilege that goes beyond expression in words. It is a supreme connection of my spirit and soul with the almighty and I am really really grateful for it.

I have been blessed with skills and talents that gives me a dimension of performance that is outstandingly relational and I have purposed that this will be what I will do. I will use what I am good at to bring hope and goodness to others with a sincerity that will take selfishness out of the equation. I will motivate others in my own unique and special way. I will make people bring out their best and go beyond their own expectations. God made us all to be achievers and winners and that will be my call - to create a people of excellence in what they do!! To do this, I will need to give up some of the businesses that I have and some of the activities that I am involved in. It is a call to "GIVE UP" and to "LET GO". That's what I will need to do.

As I turned to look at the river in the pitch darkness, I realised that I have been selfish and narrow in my own mind-set. This is the time for change. This is the time to look at a world-wide audience and to bring a definite message of positive meanderings to them. Every obstacle can be overcome and every difficulty can be surmounted.

This is an introduction to what I am and what I intend to do. Welcome to a world of compassion and service and perhaps some adventure too!!

Ong Hock Siew

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