Monday, February 11, 2008

When I fall in love....

I am still in Singapore and will be back in Kuala Lumpur on 14 Feb just in time for our super concert to raise money for the Orang Aslis. Over Sunday, I went to the City Harvest Church at the Expo grounds. In fact, we went early and then slipped into the wrong church (FCBC). I thought something was not right so when Pastor Lawrence Kong came to the pulpit, I knew we had gone to the wrong sanctuary.

Right after the meeting ended, we went next door to the City Harvest church where the message had just began. All-in-all, it was two benefits for the price of one. Pastor Lawrence Kong spoke on "Waiting before the Lord" and it ministered to me. Sometimes we are just too anxious and we do not wait for the right timing. It was all so true when he spoke of the numerous occasions when we will not wait for God to direct us and we would just do it in the power of our own intelligence and reasoning.

Pastor Kong Hee spoke on Genesis 38 where Judah had three sons. It was interesting. It was a message about us so often applying double standards in our lives. It was also about our own wicked desires taking priority. Judah applied one standard to others and another to himself. When Judah failed to keep his promise, he fell and when that happened, he denied his own wrong-doing until it was exposed.

The lesson was he repented when he realised that he had done a great wrong. 42 generations later, Jesus was born out of this lineage. When Judah failed and messed up, he did not quit. He took accountability and was responsible.

Pastor Kong Hee exhorted Husbands to be responsible. We have to love our wives , lead them and keep our promises to them. He ended up by asking all married couples to repeat the marriage vows again. It was really heart-warming to see spouses repeating and perhaps remembering their obligations.

The song, "When I fall in love" was beautifully rendered by their Choir's Assistant Director.

I was touched and I felt that the message was speaking to me in a very strong way. God bless you all.

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